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transfer whatsapp from android to iphone free with pc

You can now transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone through various programs, and you can also transfer applications, here are the best ways to transfer.

WhatsApp is one of the ideal applications that many use to communicate with others, transfer files, media, photos and videos, and many are looking for the new, free way to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, and for this we have brought you this report to learn about the best WhatsApp transfer programs and applications from Android to iPhone.

Best WhatsApp Transfer Software from Android to iPhone

WhatsApp can be transferred to the iPhone without losing your conversations and photos with the ability to switch security and full encryption, and there are many programs that can help to transfer WhatsApp easily, including

iCareFone Transfer:

The program is downloaded and installed and the Android and iPhone device is connected to the computer using USB cables or you can use USB-C adapters.

On the iPhone, you have to click on “Trust this Computer” and when making a backup, click on Transfer and click on Agree on the pop-up warning to make some modifications to the data.

– The program will ask you to verify your WhatsApp account to create a backup, and you have to enter your phone number and country code, and WhatsApp will send you a verification code on your device.

– Click Continue and enter the code and you have to click on Verify and after the investigation process is completed, the data will be created and restored on the iPhone.

Before the previous step, you must download and install WhatsApp on the iPhone.

– You have to click login on your computer which will ask you to disable “find my iphone”, go to “icloud” settings and turn it off.

– You will notice that you will start to restore the WhatsApp data on the Android device to the iPhone.

– A message will appear on the computer screen telling you that the connection process between the two phones has been successful, and the iPhone will be restarted after completion and the WhatsApp conversations will be transferred to the iPhone.

AnyTrans program

It is a tool used to transfer and backup all WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone through some steps, which are as follows:

– You have to download the “AnyTrans” program on your computer, connect the iPhone and Android to it via USB cables and press the “Social app manager”.

– Click on WhatsApp to manage line, viber data, and choose to transfer WhatsApp messages

The Android and iPhone devices are verified and click Next.

WhatsApp data is backed up on the Android phone by following the instructions on the front of the device.

– The WhatsApp version is installed on Android with a click to continue.

– Access to the WhatsApp application is allowed on the phone memory.

– You have to start the process of transferring messages from WhatsApp to iPhone based on the size of the WhatsApp backup.

How to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone:

You have to use the “AppTranes” tool, and this is by making a backup for WhatsApp on “Google Drive” or backup in “iTunes” for messages, files, videos and calls, and this supports Android and iPhone devices and this through the following steps:

– You have to install “AppTranes” on your computer and go to “App Transfer” and “Transfer to Phone” is selected.

Connect the Android and iPhone to the computer, and choose the iPhone as the target device.

– Options will appear to transfer WhatsApp or other applications, and you have to choose WhatsApp and click continue.

– You must follow the on-screen instructions to backup and restore WhatsApp data on your Android phone so that it is not lost.

– Click to continue on your Android device, and wait for the WhatsApp transfer to complete.

The free way to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone:

You can also resort to transferring WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone without a computer, and this is through the use of the iOS application.

  • iPhone running ios 15.5 and Android phone running Lollipop (Android 5).
  • Latest version of “Move to iOS” from “Google play” store.
  • The latest version of WhatsApp for Android.
  • The same phone number as the old phone.

– Phones (Android and iPhone) must be on the same “Move to iOS” application, on the same Wi-Fi network and the same hotspot, and the transfer takes place while maintaining full WhatsApp encryption and transferring chats, photos, videos and voice messages safely.

– Follow the instructions that appear on the Android screen on the “Move to iOS” application and open the WhatsApp application on Android.

– Click on Prepare data for export in WhatsApp on Android, click start and once the data is ready you need to return to the application, press next to confirm, and click continue to transfer data.

Open the “Move to iOS” application on the iPhone and log in with the same WhatsApp phone number, install the latest version of it and click “Start” when prompted, and leave it until the download process is completed, and you will notice the presence of your WhatsApp chats on the iPhone.

Is it possible to transfer applications from Android to iPhone?

You can download applications to the iPhone through the Google Play Store, and if you cannot do that, there are some different ways and programs through which you can transfer applications from Android to iPhone

The best programs to transfer applications from Android to iPhone:

Transfer applications and data using the “mobile Trans” application:

You have to download the app and some options will appear.

– Connect both Android and iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

– Phone Transfer is selected from the existing options for transferring data between devices.

– Transfer apps and data using the “Xender” app:

– The application is downloaded to the Android phone and the green X is pressed in the middle of the list.

You have to choose Send and tap on it and the Android will generate a share ID, which will be scanned on the iPhone.

– You have to download the same application on the iPhone and click receive, and you will notice that it starts searching for devices and scan the response code or enter the password for Android.

– You can now share your files on the iPhone.

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