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My microphone is not working on WhatsApp video call iPhone

Solve the problem of video calls in WhatsApp  Many people suffer from the problem of video calls in WhatsApp, so if you are facing a problem that the video call in WhatsApp does not work, here we will show you the solution to the problem of WhatsApp calls and how to activate the video calls in WhatsApp through some tricks and tricks Simple that can be used to do this.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application on smartphones, whether for Android phones or iPhone, where the application has gained great fame on a large scale due to the many features that the application contains, and WhatsApp is one of the products of the famous Facebook company, which was acquired by the company more than ten years ago. And different files with friends easily and the application works through the phone number for more confidentiality and security, 

Solve the problem of video calls in WhatsApp 

There are some solutions to activate WhatsApp video calls, or to call it some simple tricks and tricks that you can follow to try to restore the work of video calls in WhatsApp   .

1- Update WhatsApp

There may be problems that the video call cannot be made due to the fact that the WhatsApp application has not been updated so you must have the latest version of the WhatsApp application  . The problem of video calls in WhatsApp  .

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If you are using an iPhone all you have to do is make sure that your WhatsApp is up to date.

2- Use a strong network

To make a video call without problems is to provide a strong internet connection so the reason why the video call in WhatsApp is not working may be because there is no strong internet as we all know that video calls consume internet and data to a large extent due to the fact that they transmit both audio and video either as sending or receiving for you From  solving the problem of video calls in WhatsApp  .

3- Reboot the phone

This procedure may be the quickest solution when we have a problem with the phone when we have a problem like the phone hangs or can’t make a video call on WhatsApp all you have to do is restart the phone again and this may be due to the full consumption of RAM so this procedure may be effective in Sometimes to be able to  solve the problem of video calls in WhatsApp  .

4- Give permissions to WhatsApp

The problem of WhatsApp video calls may be due to not giving the full permissions to the app like the permission to access microphone, permission to access camera and activate full permissions for WhatsApp.

The steps are not much different from Android to iPhone, all you have to do is follow the steps below to be able to  solve the problem of video calls in WhatsApp 

  • Go to settings on the phone.
  • Access to applications.
  • Click Manage Applications.
  • Find WhatsApp and tap on it.
  • Access to app permissions.
  • Ensure that all necessary permissions are activated.
  • Go back and access other permissions.
  • Make sure the rest of the permissions are enabled.

5- Clean WhatsApp cache

Cleaning the apps cache is an effective way to solve some problems.

In fact, this step deletes some temporary files from the application, but it does not affect personal data. This step can be considered effective in solving the problem of making video calls, and this is done through

  • Tap once for a few seconds on the WhatsApp icon.
  • After that enter the application information.
  • Now go to Storage and delete the cache files.

6- Delete WhatsApp and install it again

This procedure is also effective in solving many problems of apps and games on smartphones.

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All you have to do is delete the application from the phone permanently and then go to the Google Play App Store and re-download WhatsApp again to be able to  solve the problem of WhatsApp video calls  .

Operating WhatsApp calls in Egypt 2021

The whatsapp application allowed its users in Egypt to get free voice chats in addition to free video chats after they were banned for a long time and it became available to the users of the application in Egypt to make the calls that a large number of WhatsApp users have been waiting for and which was only used for a long time I have to chat or Sending voice messages only, which opens new horizons in communication for the users of the application and the user of the application only needs to download WhatsApp on his phone, connect to the Internet and make calls for free.

How to use WhatsApp to make calls

Currently, whatsapp users in Egypt can simply by pressing the headset icon make a voice call with the person who wants to talk to him and he can also make a video call when only pressing the camera icon, which is what many users of the WhatsApp application on the mobile phone are waiting for to be able to  solve The problem of video calls in WhatsApp  .

Advantages of calling using WhatsApp

The use of WhatsApp calls is characterized by purity and high quality, which was expected by many users of the application, and despite the spread of decryption programs to make calls over the past years, it is now without the use of programs to make calls. Voice and video calls through the WhatsApp application to be able to  solve the problem of video calls in  WhatsApp .

WhatsApp is banned in some countries

Some countries have decided to ban some capabilities of the WhatsApp application since its appearance in 2008 for security or economic reasons, which causes the telecom companies to incur heavy losses or its property has been controlled through the Internet service provider, but all this led to it becoming available to anyone with it and you can  solve the problem of calls Video on WhatsApp  .

The WhatsApp application in his mobile phone which is connected to the Internet makes audio and video calls from it without the need for balance on the phone.

Set video calls

Step 1 Check your device

  • Make sure the microphone, camera, and speakers are connected to the computer and turned on. The microphone is not muted.
  • If any of your devices are connected using USB check if you need to install software from your device manufacturer to  fix WhatsApp video calling issue  .
  • Make sure that other programs on your computer are not using your microphone, camera, or speakers.
  • At the bottom of the video call window, make sure that the microphone icon or the camera icon is turned on to  solve the problem of video calls in WhatsApp  .
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Step 2 Check your Google Hangouts settings

  1. From the top of the video call window, click the Settings icon.
  2. Make sure to select the correct device for each setting Change it using the down arrow icon

Step 3 Restart the call and restart your computer

  • Exit the video call and rejoin it.
  • Restart your computer to make sure that  the problem of WhatsApp video calls  is resolved .

Step 4 Ask the other person to identify and solve problems

If you can’t see or hear the other person, ask them to try the previous steps.

If the issues persist please visit the Google Hangouts Forum to get help from the experts who use Google Hangouts.

Step 5 Review the system requirements for Google Meet

Google Meet video calls are available in the classic Hangouts app.

System requirements differ between Google Meet and classic Hangouts.

Learn more about the requirements of the Google Meet application to make sure that  the problem of video calls on WhatsApp is resolved  .

Step 6 Report problems or give feedback on Google Hangouts

You can send your feedback, suggestions or details of technical issues related to Google Hangouts video calls to Google to be able to  solve the problem of WhatsApp video calls .

  • From the top of the video call window, click More.
  • Click Comments.
  • On the right choose if you want to include a screenshot.
  • Screenshot can help solve technical issues.
  • You can shade or hide any areas of the image.
  • Describe the problem. Be as specific as possible.
  • Click Submit.

At the end of the article, we talked about everything related to  solving the problem of video calls in WhatsApp  and how to deal with the steps available to you in more than one way to help you solve your problem, and we hope that you like this.

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