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Infinix has launched 3  new  phones for some time in Egypt. The first is the  Infinix Note 11  , which we analyze. The second is the  Infinix Note 11S  , and finally the  Infinix Note 11 Pro  , which we will give you a review today. .. It is the most powerful mobile in this series.. It comes with its specifications first To target gamers and game lovers.

design :-

The mobile is very large. Its size is large, its weight is 209 grams, and its thickness is 8.7 mm on average. It will take time for you to get used to it, the design is good and imminent.

The back is made of plastic, but it’s cohesive and strong, not weak. The back is coated with a matte layer that makes elegant reflections in the lighting and does not easily leave fingerprints, dirt or scratches.

The rear camera is a bit big and its bump is big, but the transparent shell that is attached to the phone case covers the bump.. The frame of the phone is plastic and thin and it gets bigger on the buttons.. Nice detail.

the screen :-

A giant 6.95-inch IPS LCD screen, with FHD + resolution, with a frequency of up to 120 Hz, and a large hole for the selfie. Infinix chose the rail for gamers who need a fast screen with high frequency and not high cost. At the same time, it gives you a giant screen in the true sense of the word. The largest screen in this category for gamers. lovers of the big screen.

The brightness of the screen in the sun is acceptable and the viewing angles are acceptable. The bottom edge of the screen and the hole for the selfie camera, if they were a little smaller, the shape of the screen would have been better.

You can’t control the degree of saturation of the colors on the screen.. and you’ll feel it’s a bit of a blue slant and of course I thought the screen would be AMOLED though 90hz isn’t 120hz but the experience would have been better .

As for the refresh rate, you can set 60Hz or 120Hz… or let the software switch between them automatically to get the best performance with the least battery consumption.

The overall screen experience is average, the IPS LCD is reasonable, not great or beastly, and when I compared it to the Poco X3 Pro with a 120Hz refresh rate IPS LCD, I noticed that the brightness of the Note 11 Pro is relatively taller.

The screen does not have an official protection layer, but the phone comes in the box with a plastic screen installed. You also have a glass screen in the mobile case in case you want to install it.

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Performance :-

MediaTek Helio G96 octa-core processor with 12nm technology…a powerful processor in running games, and also an internal memory of the type recognized in category D UFS 2.2.

The mobile performance here has no problems, it is fast and stable, the animation of the new Infinix software is a bit slow and it will not make you feel at the speed of 120 Hz, too… but this does not happen, and as for the applications themselves and their use, performance is fast and smooth if the application supports 120 Hz.

The mobile comes with a single 128 GB copy with 8 GB of RAM and this is a very good thing, and the software uses 3 GB of RAM to increase the storage space and allows the RAM to reach 11 GB.

The processor here after pressing it does not suffocate as much and does not heat up like Helio G95. Its heat is a little less, I don’t know if I actually said it, nor is it the weather that doesn’t show the heat.

The graphics performance is still… it works in High HD, but unfortunately there is no higher quality than that, and the experience is very pleasant. I didn’t find any crack on mobile and actually I was able to run the game. smoothly and its performance is stable and stable. The graphics processor was said a bit in the G96 to reduce the overheating of the mobile.

Security and other factors:

The fingerprint is located on the power button. It’s fast and convenient, but for hours there is a collection of interface icons. Face Unlock is medium speed and the mobile does not have an additional microphone to isolate noise.

Also, the mobile phone does not have NFC… and there is no notification lamp, and there is no Always On Display because the screen is IPS LCD.

XOS 10 software based on Android 11, in which the appearance of the menus has improved a bit, and it remains in the Control Center, when you swipe from the right. When you swipe from the left, the notifications will appear.

It’s not an advantage that you’re running the Jawa app, an app like YouTube, which you can open while you’re on Facebook or Google Chrome, for example. Of course, you can make two versions of social networking programs through xClone.

The stereo sound is really loud and clear, but the bass isn’t the best. The sensors are all present and working, the proximity sensor is real and works great, and the screen locks at the required time, and the phone supports calls. recording.

As for communication networks and Wi-Fi, as usual, Infinix mobiles have not faced any network crisis, and the performance is very good.

Battery :-

5000 mAh battery, its performance is excellent even with 120 Hz operation. You can reach 9 hours of open screen, a really strong battery.

The phone comes with a 33W fast charger that charges the battery to 90% in about an hour, and you’ll need another hour to charge it to 100%.


The mobile comes with 3 rear cameras, the main one is 64-megapixel with F/1.7 lens slot, the second is a 13-megapixel telephoto zoom camera with F/2.5 lens slot and the last one is 2-megapixel F/2.4. for isolation. And the selfie is 16 megapixels. There is no ultra wide angle lens and no macro lens. Infinix added the telephoto lens instead.

Infinix needs a software update for your camera. I expected a better result than what I got with the 64 megapixel camera. The color processing is weak and the images are blurry, and the HDR sometimes doesn’t work and the images look shaky… and sometimes the images look soft and the sharpness is a bit short.

Photography in indoor lighting, the details are less, and the treatment is not able to do anything for the photos. The Night Mode is reasonable, but it’s not the best and it’s not what I expected from the mobile.

The telephoto goes up to 2X, and it’s going to be very good, and the details are very respectful. The 5X is also acceptable, but the details were a little less and the lighting needs to be high, but when you zoom in after that, you won’t find no detail.

When you compare the mobile with the Poco X3 Pro, you will find a clear superiority of the Poco X3 Pro in the sharpness of image details, clear color processing, and details in some photos.

Infinix’s selfie as usual makes the skin color “white”!! The image processing is not the best at all. The amount of detail is not very great especially in the background of the selfies you imagine. And the HDR is not stable. And the Night Mode in the selfie makes the skin tone is yellowish. more than normal.

As for the video recording, the mobile delayed the recording of 2K videos. Electronic stability runs at 1080p at 30 frames per second. There is no additional microphone to isolate noise.

You can see photos and videos in the review video.

Final opinion:

Infinix Note 11 Pro Features:

  • elegant design
  • Big screen with 120Hz refresh rate
  • Powerful game processor
  • Powerful battery and fast charging
  • Reasonable stereo sound

Infinix Note 11 Pro Disadvantages:-

  • No notification light
  • Sin NFC
  • No additional microphone for noise isolation
  • No 4K video recording
  • There is no ultra wide angle lens
  • The performance of the cameras is very poor.

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