Huawei Nova 9 SE Review

Huawei has officially launched a new mobile . This is the Nova 9 SE, which is considered to be the Lite version of the regular Nova 9

It comes with the same premium design that many people like, packed with great specs. Today we will give you a review of the new  Huawei Nova 9 SE  and explain everything about it.

design :-

The Nova 9 SE cell phone comes with the same design as the regular Huawei Nova 9… with a difference in the camera frame on the back… but in general the design is very luxurious and the back is made of glass, something that distinguishes it from competitors.

But of course, because the back is a glass that makes a series of unnatural reflections. Also, fingerprints appear on it very easily and for the slightest thing. This is a negative point on the glass that you should be aware of.

The weight of the mobile is 191 grams and its thickness is 7.9 mm. There is no problem using the mobile and holding it in the hand in terms of weight and thickness despite the large screen.

the screen :-

The 6.78-inch IPS LCD screen of the mobile with FHD + resolution with a frequency of up to 90 Hz. This is the first concession of the Nova 9, whose screen was OLED and a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

The Nova 9 SE’s screen is a normal screen, not dazzling, its colors are reasonable, but saturated, like AMOLED. Its brightness is reasonable, but not as high as AMOLED. I wish the screen was AMOLED, frankly.

The advantage here is in the simple design. The borders of the screen are very few. This makes the design of the mobile premium and very beautiful.

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Performance :-

Huawei used a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor with 6 nanometer technology and support for 4G networks. This is the processor that is currently common in the upper and middle economy category due to the processor crisis.

This processor has a normal daily performance, and there is no problem if you use social networks and ask for easy use. It saves on battery consumption, does not heat up. In addition, Huawei offers a fast storage type of memory, and when we tested it , very good numbers came out. This is to improve the mobile experience in daily use.

As for 90 Hz, they are logical with this processor. If the screen were 120 Hz, the issue would not be much different. So the package here is correct and logical, but not the strongest.

If you ask about the difference between the SD778 in the Nova 9 and the SD680 in the Nova 9 SE, the difference is big, not small. The Nova 9 is stronger in performance, with a clear and noticeable difference.

I wish Huawei used a more powerful processor than the Nova 9 SE… although the performance in social network programs was acceptable, but it would have been faster to make it a stronger competitor to the rest of mobiles.

As for the gaming experience, it works on Medium Graphic. The mobile is not at all for gamers, although Huawei is very interested in cooling the mobile, and this mobile literally does not heat up at all.

Security and other factors:

The fingerprint is located on the power button. Its operation is fast and convenient and it does not make mistakes and there is no grouping in the interface icons. As for the Face Unlock, it is a quick response, there are no problems. As usual, Huawei distinguishes itself in safety factors. The mobile works with Huawei services with the EMUI 12 interface, which works very well and is fast.

There is support for the NFC function… and support for Super Devices, because if you want to work on a mobile phone on a Huawei tablet, laptop or TV, you can easily do it.

The App Gallery offers you to download most of the apps you need. You can use the petal maps, whose performance has improved a lot, and anything related to Google, you can do direct access from the normal browser.

Unlike Huawei Care services, you can extend the warranty period of your mobile phone for one or two years at nominal prices, and they offer discounts to repair your mobile if you need 100% original parts.

The mobile has an additional microphone to isolate noise. The proximity sensor is in software because the top edge of the screen is so small. Therefore, it does not offer the best performance, but it is acceptable.

The mobile sound here is Mono, not Stereo. But the speaker is very loud and stereoscopic to a great extent and will bring a strong audio experience, but of course Stereo was better.

As far as Wi-Fi and communication networks are concerned, the mobile phone stands out and is very powerful in networks, as usual.

Battery :-

The mobile battery is 4000 mAh, but it has worked well, and that is due to the provided software, the screen and the processor, which works with a manufacturing precision of 6 nanometers. You will complete the day very normally.

The phone also supports 66W fast charging, charging from 0% to 60% in less than a quarter of an hour. Very excellent charging time.


The mobile comes with a 108-megapixel rear main camera, with an F/1.9 lens aperture. With an 8-megapixel Ultra Wide lens with an F/2.2 lens aperture. And a 2-megapixel lens with an F macro lens aperture. /2.4 and latest 2-megapixel lens with F/2.4 lens aperture For isolation, the mobile supports a 16-megapixel selfie camera with F/2.2 lens slot.

The rear camera takes reasonable photos in bright light… but the photos are a bit soft… their sharpness is not very high… and there is a difference in contrast between normal and portrait photos.

The colors I like are more and are more accurate in portrait photos than in normal photos…the amount of detail was supposed to be more than that, but the issue is corrected with a software update.

Overall, the 108-megapixel sensor here needed a slightly more powerful processor in order to get better images, and its processing would be better than that.

The image is in indoor lighting and reduces a lot of detail, you have to turn on Night Mode which takes about 4 seconds, and the exposure images are a bit high but definitely better than normal images.

As for the selfie, the images are a bit less detailed… but normal selfies are ok, but the portrait crop is not accurate until a couple of minutes later… In general, the treatment is not the best thing about a selfie.

The phone supports 1080p video recording, it doesn’t support 4K because of the processor here… The phone doesn’t have an electronic stabilizer… but it does have an additional microphone to isolate noise.

Final opinion:

Features of Huawei Nova 9 SE:

  • very special design
  • 66W super fast charger
  • stable software

Huawei Nova 9 SE Disadvantages:-

  • The cameras are not the best.
  • The screen is quite modest.
  • Mobile performance is poor in games
  • relatively high price

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