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how to restore iphone backup from computer to new iphone

You may be aware of how to backup the iPhone through the computer, but what you do not know is that there are 3 ways to do this through iTunes, so choose the one that is easiest for you, in addition to the method of restoring the backup from iTunes and iCloud.

How to Backup iPhone and iPad to Computer with iTunes

In the beginning and before proceeding to backup iPhone and iPad, you must provide some tools to do so:

  1. A computer, whether it is running Windows or Mac, and has iTunes installed on it .
  2. Your iPhone or iPad.
  3. USB cable to connect the phone to the computer.

As we indicated in the first lines, there are 3 ways to backup through iTunes, so check the three ways carefully to choose between them.

The ‘best’ method

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a USB cable and wait for it to be recognized if you connect it for the first time.
  • Run iTunes if it does not start automatically after connecting the phone.
  • At the top right or left of the program interface, you will find an iPhone-shaped icon, click on it and choose Backup Now or Backup Now, but before pressing Copy Now, choose where to save your files, whether on your PC or iCloud account , which you need To sign in with the Apple account in the iTunes program, where you will be asked to enter it in the event that you are not signed in before.

And you will find in front of you a bar that shows you the backup process and the time remaining until the completion of uploading all the files in case you choose to backup on the iCloud account, or store the files on the computer in the place specified by you.

It is worth noting that you can encrypt the backup data if you choose the iCloud platform by pressing Encrypt iPhone Backup or encrypt the iPhone backup, and you will be asked to set a password to enter it later when restoring the encrypted backup.

The second method

It is the same as the first way to backup iPhone to computer using iTunes , but with different steps.

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer with a USB cable.
  • Wait for iTunes to open automatically and if not, launch it yourself manually and your iPhone data will be synced with the program to view.
  • Click on the File or File tab at the top of the program and choose from the drop-down list your Devices or devices; And then click on Backup or Backup.

Third method

The same steps for the second method, but when you click on Devices, choose Sync and next to it the name of your device such as iPhone 6, where your iPhone 6 will be synchronized with the computer, but before that, a backup copy of the photos, contacts and settings will be made to iCloud or on the computer.

How to Restore iPhone and iPad Backup from iTunes “Computer”

  • Run the iTunes program on the computer or the Mac, which was used for the backup before on the computer, and if the backup was done through iCloud, you can restore the iPhone backup from iCloud through your phone with ease.
  • Connect your phone through a USB cable to the computer, and you may be asked for the password if it is set to document the connection to the computer, and if you forget the iPhone password, you can remove it .
  • Click on the iPhone icon at the top left or right, and you will see an option called Restore Backup or Restore Backup, then click on it.

  • If there is more than one backup copy, choose the one with the latest date and the largest size, then click on Restore or Restore.

And while restoring the backup, do not remove the iPhone from the computer as it will restart to sync the backup data with the old data on your phone.

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