how to download gimp in windows 10

GIMP is a free, open source tool that allows you to create and edit images. GIMP has been around for more than two decades and has evolved steadily over the years. The recent GIMP update introduces a ton of new features, as well as a glimpse into the future of this great open source image editor.

Features of Download GIMP  for PC 

Download GIMP for PC in Arabic

All GIMP features are still present. You can create your own images using the file, draw, clone, and gradient creation tools. Advanced users can create their own brushes and patterns for later use. GIMP also allows users to manipulate images imported into the program. You can crop, add text, resize, and create overlays. There is a way to encourage your creativity.

New additions
GIMP has now been updated with various user interface tweaks to make the application even easier for beginners. The biggest advantage of the interface is the ability to edit in a single window. Previous versions of GIMP have faced criticism for their confusing interfaces, but the developers are addressing many of these issues in this newer version. While the single window mode is great, it’s also disappointing that there’s no way to view multiple projects side by side.

Other updated features include easier text editing, nested layer groups, and a switch to using the General Graphics Library (GEGL), a more complex image processing framework. GEGL was introduced a few years ago in an enhanced version and has now made its way to the Saber version and the consumer version. The GIMP developers hope to fully migrate to version 2.10 of GEGL. One of the main advantages of GIMP using GEGL is the ability to edit images with high depth and non-destructively. (You may be interested in: WiFiKill Pro download  )

GIMP now provides its own XCF format just for storing layers and other file processing information. Users can still choose to save to formats like JPEG and PNG, but will need to “export” the project instead of saving it. This follows the steps of Adobe Photoshop.

The latest GIMP is better than ever. Its developers take the user experience very seriously and speed up the development of a really cool photo editor.

Download   GIMP in Arabic

  • You can download   GIMP in Arabic with a direct link:  link 

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