How to clear recent emoji in whatsapp Android

How to change or remove emoji reaction in WhatsApp

Following the  wider launch  , emoji reactions on WhatsApp are now available to many people. That said, Reactions are already available on other Facebook-owned platforms like Messenger and Instagram. WhatsApp reactions  offer a quick way to react to messages with emoji in individual and group chat. In this way, you can express your feelings towards a particular message without having to explicitly respond with an emoji. Reactions also reduce clutter and prevent flooding a group chat with new messages.

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As of now, you can react with six emojis to messages, but WhatsApp has plans to bring “all emojis and skin tones”. The six emoji reactions include thumbs up, red heart, smiling face, surprised face, crying face, and folded hands.

Although reactions are useful, there are times when you may accidentally react to a WhatsApp message. The situation can become awkward, like when you react with a laughing emoji to tragic news.

Fortunately, it is possible to delete reactions on WhatsApp on iPhone and Android. Also, users can change the reaction emoji on WhatsApp. This is useful when you react with an inappropriate emoji or just didn’t mean to react to a message.

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Now let’s see how you can change or remove a WhatsApp reaction emoji.

How to delete a reaction on WhatsApp

  • Open a conversation and find the message you reacted to.
  • Long press (long press) on the message to open the emoji reactions.
  • Tap the same reaction emoji you reacted with.

That is all. The reaction will be undone and the emoji will be instantly removed for both you and the recipient. Just be sure to undo your choice before the recipient sees your reaction. Also, WhatsApp will not notify you if deleting a reaction was unsuccessful.

Alternative Path

There is another way to undo a message reaction in WhatsApp.

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To delete a reaction on WhatsApp, simply tap on the emoji icon below the message you reacted to. Then tap ‘Tap to delete’ or tap on the emoji to delete it.

How to change the reaction emoji in WhatsApp

Did you send the wrong emoji reaction by mistake? Don’t worry.

To change a reaction in WhatsApp,  long press  on the chat message you reacted to. Then tap on the desired emoji to replace your reaction with a different emoji.

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TIP  : The steps to react to a message, change or remove emoji reactions are similar on WhatsApp Web. The only change is that you need to hover over a message and click the dropdown arrow to find the relevant options.

How to disable reaction notifications on WhatsApp

By default, WhatsApp sends you a notification every time someone reacts to your message. Perhaps, this can be annoying if you tend to get a lot of reactions on your WhatsApp messages.

Fortunately, there is a setting that allows users to get rid of emoji reaction notifications from individual and group chats.

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To disable reaction notifications in WhatsApp, open WhatsApp and go to Settings >  Notifications  . Then turn off the ‘Reaction Notifications’ option for message and group notifications or any of them.

Whoops! Now you won’t get a notification when someone adds a reaction to your message.

Similarly, you can mute sounds and reaction notifications on WhatsApp Web.

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