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How do you turn off Find My iPhone without password

Our lives are almost entirely in our phones, starting with text messages, bank accounts, and passwords, so losing your  iPhone  couldn’t be less than catastrophic . Find My iPhone , the feature has been renamed because it now works with nearly all Apple products , including iPad , AirPods , Apple Watch , and MacBook . You always want to turn on Find My .

And if you need to perform a factory reset on your iPhone to delete all data, Apple  asks to turn off Find My in advance, and you’ll also need to turn this feature off before you sell, donate, or otherwise give away your phone, and turning it off won’t work. It will delete any of your data, so you don’t have to worry about it, it will make it impossible to find your iPhone on the map if you lose it .

To turn off Find My , you’ll need to know your Apple ID account information , including your username and password .

Why should Find My be left turned on?

If you turn off Find My , you will no longer be able to locate your phone using the Find My app or the iCloud website, which means you can’t see its location on a map, or turn on your iPhone remotely until you can find it. You can even remotely delete your data if it’s stolen, which is why it’s a good idea to always leave Find My enabled, except for the times when you specifically need to turn it off .

Keep in mind that despite ongoing privacy concerns, no one else should be able to track your iPhone without your Apple ID username and password .

How to turn off Find My on iPhone

1 . Open the Settings app and tap your name at the top of the screen .

2 . Click on “Find My”

3 . Tap on “Find My iPhone”

4 . On this page, tap the “Find My iPhone” button to toggle it left on and off, and you may need to enter your Apple ID password .

Click the Find My iPhone button to switch it to the left

How to turn off Find My via iCloud website

What if you no longer have your phone? But Find My is still running Find My unless you do something about it. If you want to reduce the clutter and turn off Find My on that absent device now, you can do so from the iCloud website .

1 . Go to and hit “Find iPhone” or go directly to the Find My iPhone   website . Apple inconsistently names the feature on the web  .

2 . At the top of the webpage, click “All Devices” .

Click on Delete iPhone

3. In the pop-up, tap on Delete iPhone.

4. In the second pop-up, tap Clear to confirm that you want to do this, you may need to enter your Apple ID password.

5. After erasing it, click on Remove Account.

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