Hide IP address on iPhone and Mac

It is possible to hide your IP address on iPhone, iPad, and Mac without using a VPN service, as long as you use Apple’s default Safari browser.

Hide IP address on iPhone and Mac

In general, people use VPNs to hide their IP address, in order to bypass regional restrictions imposed by streaming media services like Netfix, Amazon Prime, and others.

There are also those who want to block or hide the IP address, to prevent websites from tracking them, while browsing the Internet on their Apple devices.

Therefore, Apple has integrated a privacy feature in the Safari browser that automatically hides the IP address from known trackers and also provides the option to hide the IP address of websites on both iPhone and Mac.

1. Hide IP address from trackers in iPhone Safari browser

If your iPhone is running iOS 15 or higher, the option to hide IP address from trackers should be enabled by default on your device.

Go to Settings > Safari > scroll down to the Privacy & Security section and tap on Hide IP.

Hide IP address option in iPhone Safari

On the next screen, make sure the Trackers option is checked.

Hide IP address from trackers in iPhone Safari browser

2. Hide IP Address of Websites in iPhone Safari Browser

If you have a paid iCloud account, you will be able to hide your IP address from websites and trackers while using the Safari browser on your iPhone.

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Open Settings > tap Apple ID > iCloud > Private Relay and slide the switch next to Private Relay to On.

Enable iCloud Private Migration

After enabling Private Relay, go to Settings > Safari > Hide IP > select the Trackers and Websites option on the next screen.

Hide IP address from iPhone trackers and websites settings

This will make your IP address hidden from both the website and known trackers.

3. Hide IP address in Mac Safari browser

Open the Safari browser on your Mac > select the Safari tab on the top menu bar and select Preferences from the dropdown menu.

Open Safari Preferences on your Mac

On the Preferences screen, switch to the Privacy tab and check the little box next to Hide IP address.

Hide IP address option on Mac

If you’re on the paid version of iCloud, click the down arrow next to Hide IP Address and select the Trackers and Websites option.

Hide IP address from trackers and websites on Mac

If you don’t see the Trackers and Website option, make sure that the private migration feature is enabled in your iCloud account.

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