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With the Google Translate app, you can scan  and translate photos to and  from any of the languages ​​supported by Google. With a mobile device, you can scan something in real time or choose a photo from your gallery. Here’s how.

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Ways to translate images using Google Translate

One way to translate an image is to point the camera at the image and  let the app scan it  . You will get translation directly inside the image. Use this if you don’t already have the image in your gallery.

If you have saved the image you want to translate to your phone gallery,  import that image  into Google Translate and perform the translation.

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Scan and translate a new photo with Google Translate

To translate an image in real time, first, open Google Translate on your phone. Tap on the “Camera” button in the Translate app; It’s below the text box, near the bottom of the screen.

Your camera view will open. At the top, select the languages ​​you wish to translate your image from and to. To have the app automatically recognize the source language, choose Detect Language in the Source language field.

At the bottom of the camera view, tap Instant.

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Point your phone’s camera at the image you want to translate. The app will translate the text on your photo.

If you want to take a still photo and then translate it, tap Scan, take a photo, and let the app translate it.

Scan and translate an existing image using Google Translate

If your photo is already saved to your  phone gallery  , add it to Google Translate for translation.

To do this, first, launch the Google Translate app on your phone. In the app, tap on Camera.

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On the Camera View page, from the top, select both the source and target languages ​​to translate your photo. To have the app detect the source language, choose “Detect Language” in the source language field.

At the bottom of the page, tap Import to add your photo to the app.

If you see a permission request, tap Yes. Then choose the image you want to translate.

Google Translate will import and scan your photo. To view the translation of specific words, tap on those words on the image.

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To view the full translation of the entire image, tap on the “Select All” option.

And so you read pictures in foreign languages ​​on your phones. very useful!

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