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Download CPUID HWMonitor Pro – a powerful solution for monitoring devices, displaying parameters such as system temperature, voltage, and fan speed

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What is CPUID HWMonitor Pro?

CPUID HWMonitor Pro  is the effective solution for hardware monitoring, displaying parameters such as system temperature, voltage, fan speed and many more factors and variables, and other important parameters of your PC.

HWMonitor Pro  has a “tree” reading view so that you can easily monitor every parameter such as display and track temperature, CPU core, and analyze other details such as temperature grouping of the primary hard drive.

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CPUID HWMonitor Pro – Hardware Monitor

HWMonitor Pro can easily connect to a specific IP address or other network through a simple TCP/IP connection, so you can view the sensors of one or several remote computers. HWMonitor Pro comes with a user friendly interface and allows you to automatically create a graph of each recorded session and save it as a file bitmap, as well as save monitoring data and SMBus data. The app deals with the sensor chip, which is the most common and tracking components have compatible sensors, depending on the brand, type of motherboard, processor, keyboard, etc. your system.

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Rest assured to use HWMonitor Pro as it consumes very little system resources, so it affects almost nothing regarding your PC.

 How to download CPUID HWMonitor Pro

You can download CPUID HWMonitor Pro with direct link: link

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